Anne Sophie

“I make the rhythm so internal, you forget how hard you’re working.”

Anne-Sophie is an expert rider & sound healer. She uses her unique voice and different vibrations to help you assess where you're at so you can take that next step in your life. Her coaching is from the heart, she wants the W community to get in touch with their highest spiritual & physical self.

Danna lize

“I motivate you to be intentional, to unlock your power and find your strength."

Dannalize's naturally positive energy and smile are contagious. Her expertise in pilates and riding mixed with her positive energy will help you elevate your form & build the strength you need. She loves encouraging you to push yourself but never forget to have fun while doing so.


“You are stronger than you think, even when fear and doubt say you’re not.”

Kirsten is always reminding you that you belong, from start to finish she will challenge you, push you and encourage you to celebrate what your body can do. Practicing with Kirsten is getting both a shot of gratitude and adrenaline. Be ready to sweat, smile and have faith in yourself.


“There is always, always, something to be grateful for.”

Cindy's calm demeanour and optimistic spirit will make you instantly feel good. Her huge smile and good vibes will brighten your pilates practice and your kitchen during her Sunday cooking lessons. She wants you to find a deep mind-body connection, expect to plank, learn, chop, hold & cook to chilled-out R'N'B beats so you can enjoy sweating & eating just as much as she does.